Professional Veterinary Equipments


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ECG 3 - 5 Leads up to 999 bpm

SpO2 Masimo® SET® Rainbow®

NiBP Digicare ™ VetBP ™ Automatic

2 Digicare ™ VetBP ™ invasive pressure

CO2 Capnography

Temperature 1 • Tempo 2 • ΔT


8.4" Touch Screen

Integrated Graphic Printer

Wi-Fi - 2 USB

Analog Output

Internal battery

Compact and expandable

Designed around the robust Windows® Embedded Operating System and using only best in class veterinary vital signs modules, the LifeWindow™ Lite LW8Vet delivers unprecedented performance and reliability. Several options of measurement modules are available. Because the LifeWindow™ Lite is configurable and upgradable, it can have additional modules installed at any time. Operation is very intuitive by means of a touch screen graphical user interface.

• 8.4-inch super-bright TFT screen

• Intuitive touch operation

• Network connection, wired or wireless

• Print in PDF format for a local or network printer

• Various printing options and built-in printer.

• Modules of vital signs characteristic of veterinary

• Masimo® Set® Rainbow® standard pulse oximeter

• Optional EKG pulse up to 999 LPM for exotic species and laboratory animals

• Additional veterinary NONIN® SpO2 for maximum 450 LPM

• Up to 2 channels of invasive blood pressure

• Upgrades for the entire range of Masimo® SET® Rainbow® CO-oximetry and     SpHb®, SpCO®, SpMet®, SpOC®, PVI® and RRa®

• Scanning wave speed 6.25 mm / s up to 200 mm / s for animals

with a high heart rate

• Standard Plug & Play Respironics® input with options for main stream or side stream

• Ability to detect arrhythmias and ST segment, lifting and measuring depression.

• High performance Digicare ™ VetBP ™. Specifically for noninvasive veterinary arterial pressure in animals Anesthetized and awake

• The frame of the enlarged aluminum frame increases reliability and reduces the sensitivity to electromagnetic interference

• Designed and manufactured in the USA..

Print tabular reports, trends and waveforms to local or network printers and connect with your local system or network.


3 or 5 leads the ECG with DIGICARE technology with maximum sensitivity for greater safety and reliability.

With the technology of non-invasive pressure SUNTECH, recognized worldwide for its high sensitivity and accuracy.

Pulse oximetry with MASIMO technology, with sensitivity adjustment, for greater accuracy, with index Pi and Pvi.


With Aluminum body, the LW8 is built to be resistant and durable, easy to carry and robust.

Основные Характеристики

Display Type - 600x800 8.4 "LED Backlit TFT Screen


Mains voltage - Automatic selection 1 OOVac up to 240 V AC (50/60 Hz) Weight - 1 pound (4.5 kg)


Relative humidity - from 30 to 70% (without condensation)


Dimensions - W 9.25 "(235) H 6.89" (175) D 6.49 "(165) (mm)


Weight - 1 pound sterling (4.5 kg)


Rechargeable battery - Interna! sealed rechargeable battery


Safety - Complies with IEC601-1-1 and IEC 601-1-2





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